Kingline Press computer courses are those you can utilize in a business environment and are open to individuals as part of degree programs or as standalone computer lessons through continuing education divisions.
Our course materials are designed to integrate practical computer skills at 100% rate.

The study duration of our short courses does not usually exceed a few months. We aim at transferring computer software skills in an accessible and convenient way for all learners in Kampala and Uganda at large.

Kingline Press avails you with a great way to acquire new skills better yet enhance your existing skills. In so doing, we offer the following short courses;

1. Computer Applications
2. Advanced Computer Applications
3. Website designing
4. Mobile App Development 1
5. Mobile App Development 2
6. Still Graphics 1

7. Still Graphics 2
8. Video and Audio Production 1
9.Video and Audio Production 2
10. Software Development
11.  2D Animation Graphics
12.  3D Animation Graphics

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    This very course can be part of several types of academic programs.
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    This covers the expert aspects of spreadsheet and database software.
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    This covers how to create beautiful websites that work across every device.
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    Entails programming languages, developer tools and application development platforms.
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    Grasp the basics of app creation in Android, and publish the apps in Google Play Store.
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    Create applications and any other kind of software development specific to mobile devices, including tablets and smart watches.
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    Still Graphics 1

    This very course course is designed for lovers of visual concepts for brand and business promotion.
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    Still Graphics 2

    Covers Photoshop, Illustrator, Branding and Logo Design
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    Video and Audio Production 1

    This covers several audio and/or video productions created for television, radio, Read more…

    Video and Audio Production 2

    Develop advanced knowledge and skills in your chosen field of study related to audio and video production.

    Kingline Press Animation Course

    2D Animation Graphics

    Learn  animation in two dimensional, flat space. Study in June for 2 months at UGX 600,000
    Other Months at UGX 850,000

    Kingline Press Animation Course

    3D Animation Graphics

    Learn to animate objects in a three-dimensional space. Study in June 3 months at UGX 1.2M
    One-on-one  3 months at UGX 2.6M

    Our Animation courses are taught by real graphics designers from TV stations like NTV, NBS and Azam


    Learn from the very best

    Join our short courses and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech industry.

    What makes computer classes at Kingline Press different;

    1. Anyone can study; we admit all students right from p7 (Primary 7) especially those in vacation, s4 (view our Senior 4 Computer classes) and s6 (full list of Senior 6 computer lessons), university students and graduates.

    2. Step-by-step study; We teach you step-by-step, you will never be left behind and most of all, we don’t give up on you.

    3. No pre-certification. You can start any of our courses without any academic certificate to prove you worth. Let us prove you worth more.

    4. Friendly and helpful tutors/ trainers; We have the most friendly and helpful tutors waiting for you. They are always available, you can also engage with them on-line especially those times when you are stack.. You will not be alone, you will find it easy to complete your course.

    5. Feed back on assignments; For every assignment we give you, there will aways be lots of feedback including the personal and private feedbacks. We shoe you what you need to know.

    6. Flexible payment method; You can pay for the course in full or pay in installments. We let you pay as you continue with the course.

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