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If you’re looking for a Website| Software| App Development company that offers quality, SEO friendly and creative work, then you have come to the right place. We are one of Uganda’s leading website design companies based in Kampala, servicing local and global clients. Our websites are created using responsive design to make sure they are mobile friendly and maximize your return on investment

meet the team

Kingline Press Team

Kuteesa David

Project Manager

David Kuteesakwe, ( Bagenda, King Julien, Nemo) he is co-founder and CEO at Kingline Press Software Engineering Company that deals in custom websites, software and apps. He is a Software Developer, Website designer and SEO specialist based in Kampala, Uganda. He is currently in partnership with NBS TV Uganda and freelance developer for NTV Uganda, the leading TV stations in the country.

Kingline Press Team

Ssebugwawo Lincoln Nicholas

Lead Developer

Ssebugwawo Lincoln (Nicholas, Linxon) is our Software engineer, Website designer and Lead developer of Kingline Press LTD Kampala, Uganda. He has developed applications for both large and small organizations in Uganda. He is skilled in creating applications with ASP.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Angular-JS, Visual Basic (VB), C++/C, SQL, PDO, Shell, Java, and Python.

Kingline Press Team

Kazibwe Davis

Programmer and Analyst

Eng. Davis Kazibwe is our distinguished programmer with  expertise in  Java for Web (Servlets and Jsps)
Hybrid Android Developments. He is an experienced software engineer with a background in programming, software engineering, and technological systems with skills in Analytics and data warehousing, Scalability and performance optimization, API design and SharePoint.


Kingline Press Team

Nassali Mariam

Web Designer

Mariam (Lyton) is  a website designer who understands UX practices, Visual Design, Design Software, CSS and HTML.  She proposes and implements new site content architecture and navigation scheme for Kingline Press’ website designs and redesigns.

Kingline Press Team

Murungi Marvin

Head of Infrastructure

Murungi Marvin (Meek Marvyn) he is a QA engineer, marketer, programmer, Systems Analyst/Programmer for kingline Press web designing| Software Development| App Development Company. Marvin is the lead operator of all technology infrastructures which includes data center, network and server services, telephony, service monitoring, user support/help desk, workstation management, servers, storage, and related software.

Kingline Press Team

Nsiko George Williams

Content Specialist

Nsiko George Williams (Gwillz) is a South African based Website Developer, SEO expert, Editor, Social media marketer, Social media campaigns manager & advertising and Content Specialist of Kingline Press. George decided to join the Kingline Press Websites| Apps| Software Development team to widen and enhanced his skills in Websites| Apps| Software development.

Kingline Press Team

Nsiko Derrick

SEO expert

Nsiko Derrick (Dee Baqar) Is a South African based Web designer, Programmer, Art director, SEO expert and Content specialist of Kingline Press web designing| software| Apps Development Company in Kampala Uganda. He is also skilled in social media marketing, CSS and Adobe Photoshop.

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