It was created by the British computer scientist Berners Lee Tim in 1990. He was a researcher at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) the world’s first website is now 26years and still running.

Site’s address is info.cern.ch & gives information about the www( world wide web), the stage that sits on topmost of the net, where pages and documents on the Internet can be retrieved by URLs, and joined to each other thru hyperlinks.

“Connecting data in the web helps us to find out facts, build ideas, sell and buy things, and fake new connections at a terrible speed and gauge that was incredible in the analogue time,” Berners Lee has inscribed.

When Berners Lee made the first web site, the internet was a collection of still documents, used almost fully by academic institutions and defense organization.

His plan was supposed to let electronic documents on the net to be simply shared and searched.

There was dissimilar information on dissimilar computers, and you had to sign in to dissimilar computers to get at it.

Sometimes one had to study more than one program on all computers. So knowing how things run was difficult.

“Since people at CERN arose from institution of higher education all over the world, they carried with them all kinds of computers. Not just Mac, Unix and PC, there were several types of medium sized and big mainframe computers running the entire kinds of software.

They actually inscribed some programs to move data from one system and change it so that it may perhaps be inserted into a new system. More than once. When you’re a programmer, and you decipher one problem and then decipher another similar one, you will often think, ‘Isn’t there another better way? Can’t we fix this problem for good?’

So it became “we can change each information system so that it appears like part of some made-up information system which everybody can read” And it became the www

Currently, he’s a passionate promoter of the net and open web neutrality, the principle that all data on the net have to be equally reachable to customers, regardless of their source

Particularly, he has openly campaigned in contradiction of control of the web by the governments.

He also called for new levels of privacy on the web, whereby people officially own their data on the web and can’t be used minus their consent.

Meanwhile, CERN has changed from an organisation studying networking and computing, to a leading-edge particle physics laboratory.

when you visit CERN today, you mayhave a chance to see the original NeXT computer on which Lee Berners developed the first website, with a label “DO NOT POWER DOWN!!,This machine is a server”.


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