Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] for TV Presentation and Sports Training

RAIS is a Ugandan Developed Software that offers real-time updates, customizable infographics, interactivity, and engaging visual storytelling, empowering TV stations, Sports Trainers and Teachers to enhance information delivery, improve comprehension, and increase viewer engagement for a more effective and impactful communication experience.


We first developed Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] for the 2016 Uganda Presidential Election at NTV Uganda and later for the 2020 US Elections, still at NTV.  The Most notable projects to have utilized RAIS include:

  • 2016 – NTV Presentation of Ugandan Presidential & Parliamentary Elections
  • 2017 – Analysis of CAF Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) at NTV
  • 2018/19 – NBS Mid-Match analysis of the StarTimes Uganda Premier League (SUPL)
  • 2020 – NTV Presentation of the US (Trump v. Biden) Election
  • 2021 – NTV Presentation of Ugandan Presidential & Parliamentary Elections

Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] for TV   empowers presenters and anchors to analyze with a touch! RAIS is developed with an option to use its touchscreen based module  that allows for a very analysis-driven, user-interactive presentation. It also provides live automated data feeds. The user has the flexibility to either present the content directly on the touchscreen, or use a tablet to control the video-wall  or even trigger the graphics via the control room.

In Sports,

RAIS enables presenters and sports trainers to bring sports to life, with different features highlighting key aspects of different competitions such as games, teams and players. The system includes match summary, formations, video area, head-to-head statistics display, fixtures and a back-end interface that producers and coaches can use to upload and manage items to be displayed including sponsored material. RAIS is the software of choice for coaches and trainers of different sports.


-News presentation by Faridah Nakazibwe of NTV Uganda

-Analysis by Brian Mulondo and Simon Kasyate of NTV Uganda



Presenters and Station Managers provided positive testimonials regarding the impact of RAIS on their presentation capabilities. They have praised the intuitive user interface, extensive customization options, and the ability to engage viewers through interactive infographics. These testimonials serve as social proof and reinforce the value proposition of RAIS.



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