Software development in Uganda

Software Development at Kingline Press

Kingline Press is one of the leading providers of Intelligent Software Solutions to the enterprise and mid-market, built on a corporate attitude of delivering automatic solutions that are customized to client needs.

Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] empowers presenters and trainers to analyze deeper. RAIS comes with an option to use its touchscreen based module that allows for a very analysis-driven, user-interactive presentation. The user has the flexibility to either present the content directly on the touchscreen, or use a tablet to control the video-wall or even trigger the graphics via the control room.

Kingline Payments Gateway - Reliable Mobile Money Collections For Businesses

Kingline Payments offers seamless and secure payment solutions tailored for various industries. Our platform provides robust features and customizable options to meet the unique needs of schools, hospitals, insurance companies, gaming platforms, and more.

With Kingline Payments, you can streamline your payment processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our user-friendly interface and advanced security measures ensure a smooth and reliable payment experience for both businesses and their customers.

The Customer Relationship Management System is a set of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies to connect with clients, sales team and traffic. TCRM helps administration, sales managers, sales persons, supervisors, accountants and service agents to run day-to-day activities at their comfort while accessing real time figures that are important to their roles The system analyzes advertiser-spending history and revenue trends to offer specific engagement strategies to retain existing clients, maximize revenue opportunities and empower account executives to better manage their selling time.

Rhoda Animated Infographics System is a touchscreen system that is highly interactive and enables presenters to bring sports to life, with different features highlighting key aspects of different competitions such as games, teams and players.
The system includes match summary, formations, video area, head-to-head statistics display, fixtures and a back-end interface that producers can use to upload and manage items to be displayed including sponsored material.

Kingline Press’ Kevlar is an Electronic Learning Software which enables you to deliver computerized learning material or content and instructions. Kevlar is an integrated set of interactive online services that provides trainers, students and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management.

Kingline Press' Xenolith Courier Management Software, aids companies, business customers in booking, Tracking and delivery of parcels/ packages which may be either documents or self-customized packages such as goods.

Kinglyn queue management system was designed to manage customer flow. It is the most intelligent system that helps organisations manage all Queues of people that form in various situations and locations. Therefore, organisations use it to interact with our customers through the information displayed over the screen or in person.

Keps Point of Sale is that place where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store. Keps is a computer terminal combined with the POS software that helps you to manage everyday sales transactions and operations. Retail store operators need, its used in most storefront businesses.

Tywin SMS and Email Newsletter Software

Enables media houses to easily blast news, commercial content and broadcast reminders


Schools in Uganda (SIU) is a Kingline Press platform under the Kevlar product chain. SIU details information about learning institutions at all levels across the country. Every school has a page with information that is updated by both the school and the Kevlar team at Kingline Press LTD.

Our main objective is to provide all learning institutions with an opportunity to showcase their capacity and in the long run enable parents and learners to make the best choices without so much hustle.


Media Duuka is an online marketplace for media publicity services including announcements, radio adverts, TVCs, program sponsorships, DJ mentions, etc.

MediaDuuka provides a platform for all media stations and individual brands to market their services to the general public. In turn, this improves sales of the stations, employs more youth in social media advertising and eases access to publicity services by the general public.