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Internship in Uganda – Practical Training Opportunities for University and Institution Students

Internship training in Uganda is here. Kingline Press has a favorable Internship training program in Uganda. Our Internship training adds 100% practical skills to the knowledge that university and institutional courses like  Computer Science, Information Technology, Journalism, Mass communication and Software Engineering offer you. Our internships cater for students of all ages, whether in a university, technical institutions or those in Senior 6/4 vacation. If you wish to pursue a career in web programming, native programming, interactive multimedia, audio-visual technology, networking and app development join us for your Internship training.

Kingline Press is one of the leading software developing company in Uganda. We develop software for leading  companies in Uganda such as NTV and NBS. See the list here  This means that the KINGLINE PRESS Internship Program offers you practical work.

Aside from helping you understand web programming, native programming, interactive multimedia, networking app development, it also enhances your academic knowledge with relevant work assignments that can help you prepare for your future career.

Students on internship in Kampala (at our offices) will have a chance to study using the real life projects that we developed for NTV and NBS.


New! Adjusted Start Date 22nd July 2020 - 27th August 2020 Internship

Kingline Press

Fill in the form below to be added to our internship list

    acceptance acceptance-719 optional]I understand that I have to make a payment during this Practical Training Internship[/acceptance]

Or bring your Internship Request letter to our offices [1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, Plot 4, Gayaza Road, Ku Bbiri after Wandegeya P.O Box 5651 Kampala, Uganda]. Make sure to accompany it with UGX 20,000 Registration fee.

NOTE: For Graduates, S6 & S4 Leavers who are interested practical skills but are not University students, no internship letter is required

Internship requirements & costs

Requirement 1:  Internship Request Letter from University/Institution
Requirement 2: UGX 20,000/= Internship Registration Fee
Requirement 3: During the 2 months, you will be charged an Industrial Training Fee which ranges between 100,000 – 250,000 depending on your course.

Internship in Software Development Kingline Press uganda

You may pay in installments as you  go on with the internship.

After fulfilling requirement 1 & 2

You will receive an Internship Acceptance Letter that you will take back to your university or Institution

10 special aspects about Kinglinepress Internships

  1. Free WiFi
  2. Flexible learning times. Study when you want, but get it all
  3. 100% practical
  4. Work with us on real life projects that we have built for NTV, NBS, Transparency international and many more
  5. Free software for your own personal use (Adobe packages, etc)
  6. Study in small groups and individual assignments, not wide halls
  7. Get all your resources online. You get an online account with all the notes and tools you need to make your report.
  8. Wide variety of topics including Web programming, Software Development, Audiovisual, etc
  9. Build projects in teams and you are free choose your team and develop real commercial projects
  10. Convenient location. At 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, Ku Bbiri roundabout after Wandegeya

Which University/Institute courses are allowed for internship?

Diploma/Certificate/Bachelors in the following university courses;
  1. Computer science (CS)
  2. Information Technology  (IT)
  3. Journalism
  4. Mass Communication (MassCom)
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Business Computing
Group 1 Students in computer science and information technology internship 2016
  • To apply, send us  your internship request letter from the university/institute and 20,000/= registration fee
    (or send on Whatsapp: 0703611691 or Email:
  • We’ll then send you an acceptance letter that you can take back to campus
  • You can also choose to pick the letter from our offices at Gayaza Road, Kubbiri, before Total Kalerwe
software development

Software Development

Gain real-world experience, make your resume stand out from the pack and learn about software development with the practical internship! 

web development

Website Development

If you’re studying to be a digital creative, consider the many advantages of taking a graphic or web design internship at kingline press ltd

App Development

App Development

Gain expertise in app development. Our Practical, on-demand app development internship can help you learn to create fast Phone apps.

Kingline Press Still Graphics

Still Graphics

The most important benefit of doing a practical still graphics internship with kingline press is that you gain the ability to express your creativity.

Motion Graphics

Gain Confidence in a professional environment and Exposure to new skills from Kingline Press Motion graphic design practical internship.

Video and Audio Editing

Video And Audio Editing

Learn more with Kingline Press audio & video-editing practical internship opportunity and various types of audio and video equipment.

See what Supervisors & Lecturers from different Universities and Institutions say about our Internship training

Dr. Mercy Amiyo

School of Computing and Information Technology, Makerere University

Warm welcome by management of Kingline Press. Focus of Internship was software and website development. Good exposure to market clients (NTV) which build interpersonal as well as communication skills. Manager/Field supervisor of Kingline Press is knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share with students.

Dr. Grace Kamulegeya

College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University

Kingline Press is an excellent company for Internship – has great organizational skills, uses initiative and always follows through. I believe it has been a positive learning experience, learning some basic business etiquette

Mr. Ssekuwanda Henry

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technology

I am very satisfied with my students’ internship performance. I certainly would consider they do internship programs with Kingline Press to develop their skills better and utilize them to excel.