Rhoda Scoreboard for TV Stations

Made in Uganda, this is a scoreboard that picks live scores from selected sports leagues and animates them onto screen during normal programming. Works for both live and recorded shows and does not require special hardware or skill level for TX staff. Had flawless demo period of 1 week including matches from AFCON, Premier league, FA Cup, La liga, Serie A

How it works

  • Picks live feed from a live score server after it is checked against 2 other live servers.
  • Contains unlimited number of conduits to accommodate match results, custom text and images
  • Has a back end for producers to choose which matches to show and to manage sponsor content
  • Tx only turn on/off the line to show/switch off feed.

Sample with GoTV Logo

Other videos:

Without Sponsor boards

Notable Clients: NTV Uganda

Suitable for: Sports programs, news, World cup, Premier, AFCON and all types of sports like basketball, rugby, etc.

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