Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] for TV Presentation

We first developed Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] for the 2016 Uganda Presidential Election at NTV Uganda and later for the 2020 US Elections still at NTV.

Rhoda Animated Infographics System [RAIS] for TV   empowers presenters and anchors to analyze with a touch! RAIS is developed with an option to use its touchscreen based module  that allows for a very analysis-driven, user-interactive presentation. In this case of NTV Uganda it also provided live automated data feeds. The user has the flexibility to either present the content directly on the touchscreen, or use a tablet to control the video-wall  or even trigger the graphics via the control room.


-News presentation by Faridah Nakazibwe of NTV Uganda

-Analysis by Brian Mulondo and Simon Kasyate of NTV Uganda


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