Tabie CRM
The Customer Relationship Management System is a set of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies to connect with clients, sales team and traffic. TCRM helps administration, sales managers, sales persons, supervisors, accountants and service agents to run day-to-day activities at their comfort while accessing real time figures that are important to their roles. The system analyzes advertiser-spending history and revenue trends to offer specific engagement strategies to retain existing clients, maximize revenue opportunities and empower account executives to better manage their selling time.

 Key functionalities include

1- Storage of all clients' & contact persons' details (phones, emails, birthdates, business history, spending patterns)
2- Business Details & allocation of leads
3- Electronic approval of orders (even remotely on phone )
4- TV and Radio Logs for every item played on air
5- Automatic Screenshots
6- Reminders (appointments, collections, customer events, etc)
7- Reports (sales persons performance, forecasts, client list, trend analysis

TV stations are required to comply with a variety of regulatory requirements, including those related to advertising and broadcasting standards. These requirements can be complex and time-consuming to meet, and they can put a strain on a TV station's resources. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can result in fines, penalties which can have a significant financial and reputational impact on a TV station. Also, Broadcast stations hustle to manage their marketing departments effectively. This can lead to lost sales, missed opportunities, and a lack of visibility into marketing performance. Ineffective marketing can have a significant impact on a station's bottom line as orders expire without any alerts, uncoordinated pricing proposals and marketing team clashes in the field. Relying on document reports at the end of the week/month is as hectic as “Hey John, what are you working on today? How far with client x?”.

Our Ugandan Developed CRM software [Tabie CRM] helps any broadcast/print station to comply with regulatory and client requirements by providing a centralized platform for managing all compliance-related data and documentation. We originally developed the Tabie CRM engine of algorithms and implemented for NTV, NBS and other clients. We’ve consistently updated and tested this reliable algorithm for over 7 years as it has been a key part of our products listed here ( Tabie also includes a variety of features that can help TV stations to manage their marketing team more effectively, such as lead tracking, campaign management, planner, reports, order entry and approval.

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