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The Leading Education Management Software for Schools, Institutes & Universities in Uganda

An all-inclusive student fees management solution to automate, streamline and transform fees processing to improve efficiency and reduce costs. All fees-related-work done by bursars, expense accountants, head teachers and directors is electronically provided in a role-based system.

For academics, this is the most usable, customizable, adaptable reliable education system. It provides access to teachers, academic heads, students, parents and all stakeholders to their own information. This is coupled with grading algorithms that always work.

  1. Finance Module

  • Expenses

  • Income

  • Payroll

  • Automatic Backups and Updates

  • Summarized Accounting Statements

  1. Academics Module

  • Online Application for new students

  • Report Cards

  • Auto-grading, Auto-commenting per result

  • Attendance of Students and Tutors

  • Automatic Backups and Updates

  • Summarized Academic Reports

Bonus features for Duo-Module Package

  • Online portal for learning materials, course works
  • Free Website Development, Registration and Hosting

  • Online access to financial & academic records by students, parents/guardians, administration

  • Automatic Email Reports and Financial statements

Modes of installation

  • Internet Based, Lite Mode. No need to install on various computers.


Vibranium has the same pricing package options for Institutes and Universities. The packages are 2. They are both negotiable and flexible.

Universities and Institutes Management Software

Duo Package (Both Finance or Academics)+Bonus Features
Initial – UGX 7,900,000 [negotiable]
Annual – UGX 6,320,000 [negotiable]

Single Module Package (Either Finance or Academics)
Initial – UGX 5,600,000 [negotiable]
Annual – UGX 4,480,000 [negotiable]

Primary School Management Software

Secondary School Management Software

Notable Clients: Code High School Seeta, Life Primary School Mukono

Suitable for: Academics Management, Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation, Accounting


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