Pill Finder – A Smart Phone App in Uganda to help you find medical help

Another partnership with a long time paramedic came up with the result of Pill Finder. Pill Finder is an Android app that helps its users to locate medicine from where they are and sort the results by lowest price, closest pharmacy or desired country of origin.

According to the concept developer, Peter Nsiko, who has also served in the country’s medical industry for long, Pill Finder was  a result of several frustrations during the times of need.

Kuteesakwe David, Kingline Press’ lead developer anticipates the app will take on a lot of users considering its low storage size of 4MB (Max) and Cordova Phonegap architecture that enables one time installation instead of continuous updating challenges.

pill app images

When the user logs in, they are presented with a search box and 2 options to choose from. For example, a user looking for panadol will type any beginning part of the medicine’s name “Pana” and select search criteria (whether Price or Location). They will be presented with results in their order and select the order button.

Pill Finder has been nominated to 2 awards so far as a leading edge technology with a sustainable future.

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  1. Nsiko Peter says:

    this is truely a revolutionary idea which is going to change the way people access essential medicines any where any time

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