What determines the price of a website and how much is the best?

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Content Mapping

 Content mapping is the process of listing all the pages you have on your website. many companies don’t recognize the importance of content mapping and they therefore leave it out but it helps the designer to understand the focus of your website and also helps clients to think about all content you need to produce.

The Functionality

If a website doesn’t have many functionalities or it has simple functionalities or its like an online brochure, that will need lower cost for the website. But, if your website has higher-end functionalities like good registration, shopping cards, document management and the online forms that can be filled out, such things will automatically increase the price of the website.

The Design

If the website is designed from templates or re designed, the cost will be low because a designer has the idea where to start from. But if the site is designed from scratch or nothing, then the cost will increase


Are you being trained on how to maintain the site or you know how to maintain the site yourself? Are they going to provide you with online training or video training? If you are going to use online tutorials to train yourself then price will keep down. But if they are going to train you on how to maintain the site then prices will be higher.

The Support

Is your website provided with any support? If yes, how is it? Is it provided via email, phone or Help Desk and is the support done online or email support? if you are getting phone support then the price will a bit be higher than the one getting support through email or online.

 Hosting, Email, Domain Name

 Is the web developer providing that as well? Is it included in the price of the website? Are you getting emails at your domain name, is hosting part of the package price or its separated and does it  include the registration of  the domain name or you have to either buy from another company or pay extra for it? All of  these items have to be considered in determining the website price.

Content Input

How much content does the website designer put into the site for you and how much are you adding in yourself? The more time that the designer has to use on adding content into the website the more he will charge you. If you are putting the content in the site yourself, then the costs will be lower

Consultative vs Cookie-Cutter Process

 Is it a consultative approach or it is a cookie cutter process? Is the communication done by email or through a chain of forums, can you talk with your web developer. Is it a live discussion to talk about the purpose of the website, goal and mission? If yes then it’s a consultative approach. But when your input is considered as a developing process and the developer dictates what the site will be like, then, that will be a cookie cutter process.


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