Customized webmail is better than your Gmail and Yahoo,see why

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What is a webmail?

Webmail these are basically E-mail accounts. They are usually free E-mail accounts that operate from a website for example Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail. Accessing your E-mails is easier as long as you have an internet connection and web browser.

The following are the advantages of webmail


 Webmail, it is easy to access a mailbox do the reading and sending of Email all over across the World. Business can be carried out whether on a trip or holiday or miles away from the business premises/ office.


A webmail gives a person the ability to manage his/her mails over an email client in the comfort of his home. What is needed is logging in into the account through any website the webmail portal is located on, and you have the ability to manage your Emails from one location. Signing in webmail is not difficult procedure/proxy navigation or something of the kind, all you need is just login and start reading and write mail. Once you are done click the log out button and close the browser.

Large storage

Webmail providers offer storage space that is unlimited and it is in gigabytes which gives enough room for saving the Emails without worrying about the space even those with large files attached to them. In other words, you don’t have to store all the data on your personal computer hence giving room for other things.

Retain your address

In case you change the internet providers, you will be able to use your older email address. For this case you don’t have to worry about all your contacts remembering your latest Email address when they are trying to get into contact with you.


If you work from distant location and travelling frequently, webmail can be of more advantage in that you can use it from any device that can access internet. All Emails will be stored in one location so you don’t have to worry about your messages as long as you are logged in.


Big providers usually provide free basic webmail services. Some of the providers offer premium services at a fee.

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