Kingline Press wins App designing contest

kinglinepress wins web designing and smart phone inspire conference in uganda africa hosting and domains light color

It was yet another victory in East Africa Web and App Design. Someone told me about how Florida Web design got its key word ranking the most in Google sear but this must have been the way. Just as we embarked on developing software for the web and smart phone apps, the Inspire innovation challenge reached.

Inspire conference is an annual event organized by 5 major churches in Kampala and powered by Power FM (haha Ironical). Earlier on we had embarked on Church Web design services and hosting shifting from real estate website designing. We offered website services to schools and Churches and I believe this paid off in time.

presenting school empire uganda by kingline press best web design by kuteesakwe david 2

After we designed (with support from, Inspire innovation Challenge came in at the right time. The conference had run for a whole week, giving us ample time to concentrate on integrating our new technology with School Empire Uganda.

In Summary, School Empire Uganda is like a profile center for schools. Some one has at one time referred to it as “the facebook of schools”. Schools in Uganda submit what they would have put in a brochure and School Empire Uganda offers them a page to have their brochure seen by thousands of visitors and shared across our social media platforms of over 10,000 followers. The profile includes: school images, school data, education services in the school, staff, Map to the school from the Kampala city center and so many more. Read more here []

school empire uganda

MyClassMonitor (MCM) is a tool that enables parents, guardians and students access school records wherever they are in the world using the phone, Tablet or PC. It is a handy tool for NGOs too and all bursary entities. The report cards of such students are summarized into a few pages and easy to access. In addition MCM does not require extra effort as it is self sustainable. It was designed following the Uganda Education System and in such a way, the class teacher gets rewarded per student they add too the system. It looks like this:

myclassmonitor mcm kingline press web design site smart phone app in uganda east africa

So, Kuteesakwe David (The Product Manager) Represented Kingline Press at the event that was help at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala. His Presentation of School Empire Uganda and My Class Monitor impressed the judges and general audience that was amazed by the idea.

presenting school empire uganda by kingline press best web design by kuteesakwe david 3

MC of the day was Power FM’s own Ben Mwine. At the awarding Ceremony, The Reverand Julian Kyula of Mo-de, who was also the main speaker, encouraged the youths to think outside the box and gave several hints on why Africa should be the market leader in technology. He enlightened the audience on the need for Health Apps, Education apps like MCM, Political and so many more. He finally handed over the final prize to the overall winner (not forgetting best web design for, Kuteesakwe David.

Contact the winner about the prize,  get your piece! (Click Here: “some millions please”) Good luck.

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