Online Mobile Money Payments

Kingline Press helps yourbusiness to receive mobile money payments online. The payments could either be from Airtel Money or MTN Mobile money in Uganda.

We provide you with an API to receive mobile money payments on your business website or eCommerce store. Apart from providing the Airtel money and mobile money API, we help you setup this mobile money collection API onto your platform.

See a demo of how it works by clicking this link

How the online mobile money collection API works

1 –  Your customer enters their phone number on your website and clicks the action button (eg Pay Now)

2- A prompt comes on their phone asking for PIN number

3- After entering their mobile money PIN, a deduction is made and we forward this payment to your account

See a demo of how it works by clicking this link

Your customer does not need internet to receive the mobile Money PIN prompt.

How Much does Kingline Press charge for Online Mobile Money Payments in Uganda?

API setup – 100,000

Cost per transaction – 2% (eg 200/= off 10,000)

Any other charges? None. That’s All.

Why collect mobile money payments online?

In Uganda, MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money are the leading methods of non-cash payments. This means that your online eCommerce customers are most likely to have money on their mobile wallets.

Unlike in most western countries where debit and credit cards (Visa, Master, etc) are commonly available, sim cards are the commonest cashless transactions in East Africa.

Kingline Press Mobile Money Payments provide the best and most secure method for you to accept payments