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Website Design & Hosting

At Kingline Press, we design websites with an ultimate goal to help transform clients' ideas into creative works for their customers.
  • Basic. 170,000 per year. UGX300,000. A website that simply says who you are. ...
  • Profesional. 150,000 per year. UGX600,000. An interactive website to keep clients in touch. ...
  • Ultimate. 40,000 per month. UGX800,000. Get seen first in search engines like Google. ...
  • Business. 320,000 per month. UGX1,200,000. A Galaxy of web tools.

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Website Prices at Kingline Press

250,000 per year
An interactive website to keep clients in touch
You won’t pay for anything else till next year
All ‘Basic’ features+video&Audio
Website Design up to 15 pages
Hosting & Registration included
10 email addresses
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170,000 per year
A website that simply says who you are
Also applies for websites in bulk, suitable for small schools and startups
Meets mobile & SEO safety standards
Website Design up to 4 pages
3 email addresses
2 Weeks Data upload
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40,000 per month
Get seen first in search engines like Google
A website that brings clients, assists them & makes money
All ‘Ultimate’ features + Great SEO
Website Design up to 20 pages
Monthly Updates (saves you the hustle)
20 email addresses
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320,000 per month
A Galaxy of web tools
A website with multi-functionality tailored for your organisation
Fully managed by our professional maintenance team
Guaranteed 1st Page Google ranking
Social Media Management on 5 platforms
Design, maintenance, registration & hosting included
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Why You Should Choose Us

Approved Performers

We are the website designers in Uganda who are accepted as satisfactory. We analyze and evaluate opportunity factors and hence improve our performances overtime.

Results Driven

As far as website development is concerned, our most ability is to create momentum based on our supreme goal of getting things done.


As professional website designers in Kampala, we have the capacity of developing productive approaches to solve all problems in our areas of responsibility.

Optimum Growth

The websites we design at Kingline Press effect a scaling fast growth for our clients businesses.

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Our Esteemed Customers

"We design your website with an excellent touch and your website gets online within one day. Our clients easily refer to us as the best website designing company in Kampala with a difference."
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