Kinglyn Queue Management System

Kinglyn queue management system was designed to manage customer flow.  It is the most intelligent system that helps organisations  manage all Queues of people that form in various situations and locations. Therefore, organisations use it to interact with our customers through the information displayed over the screen or in person.

Kinglyn doesn’t not only to create a better customer experience but also create a better business.

Kinglyn QMS
Kinglyn QMS

Application of Kinglyn QMS

Service centers

Customer care centres or internal helpdesks experience a heavy customer flow  therefore, to manage that customer queue as well as providing customers with seamless experience queue management system for customer care centres or retail outlets are necessary


The Customer Care Centres for most of the utility sectors is always flooded with the customers waiting in queue for either paying bills or to solve queries. Kinglyn Management System in such setup would not help the brands to manage customer queue but will also provide an insight to the brands about their teller’s productivity.

Food courts

Kinglyn ensures that customers receive their food at the right time. Servers don’t need to negotiate sorting various orders, nor do they need to worry about moving from table to table as guests come and go.

The kiosk allows cooks and servers to take on the maximum number of orders at any one time, and deliver them on a first-come, first serve basis. 


Kinglyn automatically collects patient data: How many patients arrive on a daily basis? How long do patients typically wait before seeing the doctor?The collected data is used to understand patient behaviour, discover inefficiencies, and average wait times. Hospitals then utilize that data to hone in on creating a faster, more timely experience.

Retail stores

Instead of waiting in line to sign-up to be served, customers use a kiosk to type in their name. The customer is then added to a digital queue. Once it’s the customer’s turn to be served, their name will be called.


Banks and Insurance

Kinglyn arrives all set up and ready to go. It’s simple to install and simple to use.  Bank employees simply login into the system and manage all of the data and clients from a single hub. And that means a more efficient queuing process and positive experience for everyone.

Set up and innstallation

Setup and installations are real quick, there is no real extra investment in terms of IT infrastructure one needs to spend upon. Kinglyn is quite easy to understand and operate and there’s little or no technical knowledge required to operate it.

How Kinglyn Queue management system benefits the organisation

  • It maintains a Steady flow of traffic hence a reduced wait time
  • It Optimizes resources due to higher engagement
  • Instant notifications and access to data
  • Better customer services as a result of business intelligence
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Faster processing

How Kinglyn Queue management system benefits visitors

  • User friendly app
  • Optional push notification
  • Interactive touch screen kiosks
  • Online appointment booking

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