Media Duuka is an online marketplace for media publicity services including announcements, radio adverts, TVCs, program sponsorships, DJ mentions, etc.

MediaDuuka provides a platform for all media stations and individual brands to market their services to the general public. In turn, this improves sales of the stations, employs more youth in social media advertising and eases access to publicity services by the general public.

MediaDuuka seeks to solve 4 main problems. First, the physical travel to media stations to place advertisement. Secondly, to reduce the sales burden placed on media stations especially those that can’t afford marketing teams such as upcoming TVs and Radios, Website News pages, Blogs, Social media influencers, etc. Thirdly, to reduce the effort taken by the general public when advertisement is needed. This is very visible in sad times where some family members automatically get assigned a role of taking advertisements to several radio stations whose locations they may not even be sure of, or even worse the prices. Lastly, high levels of unemployment yet youths can utilize the internet to sell media space and earn from the sales.

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