Kingline Tower

The Kingline Tower is the home of Kingline Press Company. The building is located at the Kasangati-Kira road, just a kilometer from Kasangati trading center.

Construction began on 30th November 2021 as we celebrated 6 years of the company’s existence.

The building is projected to rise to a total of 4 floors although the current (March 2022) working space is limited to the ground floor.

It currently houses the following services

1-      The November-19 studio (Video Studio)

2-      Citadel Sounds (Audio Studio)

3-      Kingline Press and Wakanda Time Management offices

4-      Kingline Software development lab

Further construction will enable us to expand ICT and Media production services to include

5-      A mass production auditorium

6-      Kingline Institute for ICT and Media studies

7-      Expansion of the Kingline Software development lab

8-      State-of-the-art VFX studios

We are very optimistic about the future of the Tower. We started out as a “briefcase” company a few years ago and now we’re achieving this progress earlier than anticipated.

We are Kingline Press!


David Kuteesa

Founder and CEO, Kingline Press


Here are a few pics taken during different stages of the Tower’s construction

Kingline Press