5 things that can make your website look better



A website is made up pages, fonts that are of different types but you shouldn’t miss out on the things that would make your website look beautiful and increase on your visits. The following are the top 5 things you shouldn’t miss out to include in your website.

1. A homepage

The homepage is your sales page and you have to include information about your business for your customers. It should also provide a brief view on what your visitors are expected to find in your website. In other words your homepage has to be your main page because it gives the over view of the whole website.

2. Contact us

You have to include your contact details in many places for the interested visitors to get in touch with you easily. To look more special, you can create a ‘Contact us’ page include your details in the ‘About us’ page and also place it in the footer part of the page. You can include information like mailing address, physical address, business name, email, telephone, website address, emergency number, Skype address and social media profile links.

3. Pricing

If it is possible you can include the prices of the products/services that you produce to create awareness for the interested visitors on your website. Even though you maybe not specific, it can be helpful to include at least a range of prices for example website designing ranges between Shs.500,000 – Shs.800,000 for designing and hosting.

4. Products and Services that you produce

It is vital to have a page that is separate from others that displays products and services that you produce and write as much details as possible per each product and service you produce, you may decide to begin with a brief summary of the products or services then provide every information you can about the product/ service and if the page seems long then break it into more pages.

5. Frequently Asked questions

This appears to be a time saver for companies. Instead of replying the same question over and over again, you can place the questions  and continuously add them on your website. As more information being posted on your website, the less time spent replying to their questions by phone or email.



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