Top 7 websites used to receive payments online



Here are some of the simple, secure and safe ways of carrying out online payments.

1. PayPal

PayPal is the mostly known payment service that allows someone to setup an account for his/her business. During the transaction you are subjected to limits while receiving payments from a credit card, on the other hand when using a personal account you are probably charged higher fees per transaction. The charges are in a range of 1.9% + Shs.990 to 2.9% + Shs.990 for each transaction.

2. Intuit

Intuit is a vital service if you own a small business and need assistance with your finances. Besides if you are able to allow payments, using online services and in-person using Go-payment, intuit allows you to calculate payroll taxes, file payroll tax forms and pay your employees.

3. ClickBank

This online payment service has been in existence since 1998 and it offers many features that are easy to use. ClickBank does most of the things for you including improving your business and building a site for your business products. Mainly, ClickBank is one-stop shop for business online.

4. Stripe

Stripe is a fast growing start-up that eliminates the need for a business account. Stripe makes your payments from storing cards, direct payouts to your bank account and managing subscriptions. Web developers will find the ability to fit in a payment system into a project by means of stripe’s API.

5. ProPay

This payment option has features that are similar with other PayPal options including the ability to send and receive money anywhere around the World, built-in shopping cart and even frequent billing. The advantage of ProPay over others is that it is always accepted by eBay. Also there is ProPay JAK which is a mobile phone credit card reader that processes debit and credit cards in real time on your Android phone/iOS, if you are carrying out transaction in person.

6. WePay

Besides including fraud protection and stellar customer, this online payment is a standout option because consumers are able to carry out purchases without leaving the site via a virtual terminal. WePay doesn’t only make your website look professional; the services are for individual’s interests.

7. Google wallet

This payment option was once a checkout for Google and as the name changed, the features remained in one piece. Google wallet is simple, safe option and it has a fast transfer to and from your bank account and it also processes credit card and has the ability to send invoices.`


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