Internship experience



 First and foremost, I would like to express my great thanks to the Almighty God who has enabled me to finish up my internship when am still alive and healthy.

Secondly, I send my gratitude to thank my field supervisor who has guided me during my internship period because he has been so friendly to me.

I have really learnt a lot in my internship at Kingline Press Ltd Company whereby, I have got opportunity to meet and interact with the customers to share new ideas and to solve their problems.

Challenges are just Opportunities.

Though challenges are there, but this has been a lesson to me that “challenges are just opportunities”. This has made me to be confident while doing the work however challenges I have faced can’t stop me go forward.

Kingline Press offers a great internship program and has enough space and resources to accommodate up to 20 internship students (interns). This year, interns split into two tracks with some focusing on data visualization with D3.js and others on web based application development with Django. This was after 4 weeks of mentorship in web based technologies of php, CSS, JavaScript, and bootstrap.

It has enabledto get hands-on/real life experience which are expected to work in when they graduate.

It has provided to me an opportunity to apply the principles and techniques theoretically learnt into real-life problem solving situations.

It has also provided an opportunity for me and academic staff to interact with the stakeholders and potential employers and thus appreciate field situations that will also generate information for curricula review and improvement

It has develop to me understanding of work ethics, employment demands, responsibilities and opportunities.

To enhance and strengthen linkages Bugema University and various stakeholders.




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