Keps Point Of Sale Software

Keps Point of Sale is that place where  your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store. Keps is  a computer terminal combined with the POS software that helps you to manage everyday sales transactions and operations.
Retail store operators need, its used in most storefront businesses.

Why you need a POS System

Why Keps POS is a better choice

  1.  Keps does all the inventory Management. It manages quantity of stock so as to know when to re-order products
  2. Keps does all the sales reporting. It records and analyses sales data
  3. Keps helps a great deal in customer management . It keeps your customers in touch with you
  4. Keps POS manages all your employees. It keeps track of their sales, working hours and all other activities. So, you will know who works better than who

Application of Keps POS System

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