Xenolith Courier Management System

Made for Monitor Publications- Nation Courier Uganda

Xenolith Courier Management Software, aids companies, business customers in booking, Tracking and delivery of parcels/ packages which may be either documents or self-customized packages such as goods. 

Xenolith software eliminates all the intricacy in the system whether your package is in-bound or out-bound. It truly improves the efficiency of your business and helps you to make more cooperation

Xenolith puts an end to paperwork and minimizes human errors. It will also reduce costs by comparing different services following the required delivery time.
More so, security of the package is guaranteed.

Xenolith also provides the Delivery boys and Agent Performance Reports.
Our software can be customized to suit your requirements.

Xenolith Specifications

Allows customers to create Account​

Allows the admin to register and delete a user

Allows admin to add a new parcel location

Adding branches for different warehouses

Allows quotes for different parcel types

Allows the user to track Parcel from collection to the final destination.

Allows user to change personal details

Allows viewing of different quotes of parcels

Inside Xenolith Software

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