Part 1: Fake web hosting companies in Uganda, what you should consider


fake web hosting companies in uganda

What are some of the things that you should consider when choosing a web host? The criteria for choosing a web host are slightly different although they overlap. We care for people are looking for a sincere web hosting company since there now so many fake web hosting companies today. If you are interested in knowing what you should consider when hosting your website, read this article.

Reliability and speed of access. The web host should not only be reliable and fast, it uptime should also be promising. Look for a minimum uptime of at least 99% if not 100%. The host should offer some sort of refund like a discount or prorated refund if the site falls below that figure. But you should note that though guarantees are often not easy to enforce from your end especially when the host denies that there was any downtime. But without that guarantee, the web host will have few reasons to ensure that its servers are running all the time.

Most fake web hosting companies have no precise useful information, emphasizing emotions. Many companies in Uganda are using emotions which are a cool and very effective mean to manipulate. Do not fall for emotional reviews. Most of fake web hosting companies are playing with your emotions. And a lot of them do so abruptly that you can easily identify them if you do not consume the information but put it through the cold minded serious filter of your mindful awareness.

Data Transfer or Bandwidth. This is the amount of bytes transferred from your blog to visitors when they browse your site.  You should not believe that there is any commercial web host that advertises "unlimited data transfer or unlimited bandwidth ". The host has to pay for the data transfer, and when you consume much of it, they won’t silently accept your costs. So many high data transfer or bandwidth websites have found this out the hard way when they suddenly get a ridiculous bill for exceeding the unlimited data transfer / bandwidth. You always look for details on how much traffic the package accepts. For me, I always stay clear of any host that advertises the "unlimited data transfer", even if the real amount is identified somewhere else. You will usually find that they redefine this so called “unlimited” to be “limited” somehow.

 More so, while bandwidth provided is something you should always check, you should not be over persuaded by promises of incredibly vast amounts of bandwidth. Your website will never be able to use that huge amount because it will smash other limits like resource limits.

Consider top web hosts. The internet has both good and bad people on it. There are people on it who are just looking for cash by doing everything they can. The web masters of the shameful Top web host website fall into that class. They usually create a list top web hosts in which they order hosts according to the amount of cash they pay members for each signup. Therefore it’s clear that on those hosting quality data on such websites is fake. Instead of browsing with such lousy sites containing fake reviews and tons of member links, get to real web hosting companies e.g.


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