You need a website designed in Uganda? Read this first


Website designing has been picked up by many individuals and companies as a lucrative business in Uganda. Many website designing and hosting companies in Kampala find their start at the homes of computer science students. This is a good gesture for the whole internet age in East Africa. However, as many organizations are choosing to have their websites designed and hosted by website companies in Uganda, there is a lot to look out for when looking for the website design to represent your firm.

I have highlighted a few challenges below:

Finding the right people is difficult

Differences in the nature of people on the web and the number of business websites already on the internet, it may be hard to reach the right audience with your website. Competition within the same market may be unbeatable and the battle for the misleading spots on most of the search engines for example Google maybe a difficult one, beating the wealth of other businesses in the same market. This is not always the same case and there are ways around it to learn the competitions secrets and targets. While search engines essentials help increase your rankings and put your business on the right path.

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Crashes & Uptime

Crashing websites may not be good to anyone. This is a disadvantage to businesses as well as websites because few people may want to visit such websites. If your website is crashing constantly or unavailable all the time then people may find it hard to find the information about the business and you can miss out on potential buyers. Unreliability of the connection could also mean a drop in the rankings of the website by the search engines that you need a good webhosting company for your business to grow on the internet.


If you don’t update your website it may provide unreliable information to the public. Important information should be updated when necessary and have disclaimer with regards to relying on the information contained within the website.

Bad advertising

Having risks in your business website attracts bad advertising. In case the customers are not happy with your service/products, then they may want to vent their prevention online and reference your website in their comments. This could damage both your reputation and ranking of the search engine. If you don’t have a business website, this will not prevent you from such things happening but it will awaken you to monitor and be aware of them. Improving customer care and learning from your clients’ response towards your product is the best course of action to solve this problem.

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